5 big goals to keep on keeping on: How TRU plans to keep Sustainability in the spotlight (E/SI)

April 28, 2021 | 2:15 - 3:00

Track: Embodying Sustainability

The Sustainability Office at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) recognizes that despite the inroads it has helped pave around the institution regarding improved sustainability measures since the office started in 2009, that there is still much work to do. This session will focus on describing five key goals that the Sustainability Office will focus on both in the short and long terms to try to improve the overall sustainability performance of the institution.

1. Following through with TRU’s second five-year Campus Strategic Sustainability Plan (2020 to 2025). The plan has indicators for the STARS framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework and by virtue of this, this goal touches on practically every area of the institution.
2. A campus-wide electrification project. This ambitious ten-year project started last year and has the potential to reduce the campus’ emissions by 98% once complete.
3. Creation of a five-year TRU Zero Waste Plan. TRU has taken key steps to create a new five-year plan to get to true zero waste: 95% diversion of all waste-stream materials from landfills by 2026.
4. Upgrading the Bike Share, Car Share, and other alternative transportation programs. Pre-Covid, TRU members took advantage of many innovative transportation options, but due to the pandemic and other ‘bumps in the road’ many programs are being re-worked. What are the lessons we’ve learned?
5. Re-introducing—post-Covid–student and employee sustainability ambassador programs. How will TRU create sustainability ambassador programs to help ‘spread the spirit of sustainability throughout the institution?

Session Speakers

Aaron Wiebe

Transportation Demand Management Coordinator

Thompson Rivers University

James Gordon

Manager of Sustainability Programs, Sustainability Office

Thompson Rivers University

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