2020 Hindsight: Learning from the Year that changed Everything (E/SI)

April 27, 2021 | 2:15 - 3:00

Track: Hacking Education

Without a doubt, the events of 2020 created more educational challenges than ever before. Yet, some saw opportunity there. In this presentation, a collaborative group from three Trades Training institutions in British Columbia share tales from inside their digitized institutions. Focusing on recruitment, digital pedagogy and the building of community, this team sees opportunity to reshape the future.

Okanagan College redesigned recruitment practices, reaching potential Trades students at a time when only barriers stood between them and success. Vancouver Community College supported instructors to leap into a world of digital pedagogy, advancing deep learning and student engagement in Trades programming. Vancouver Island University created a Trades-specific Teaching & Learning position to support faculty members, leading to the introduction of “The Digital Toolshed” that crumbled existing silos between instructors and departments to create a unique community of practice.

Designed to be engaging and topical, this collaborative presentation will concentrate on areas that are relevant to instructors and faculty for 2021 and beyond. These educators aim to share their positivity for the future of trades education. They will encourage you to look beyond the challenges, to reflect on lesson learned, and to seek out opportunities that lie ahead within the digitalized world of education. They will share with you models in three key areas of trades training with the hope that these resources may support you and your colleagues in future development so that together a better future is built for students entering the trades.

Session Speakers

Dennis Innes

Dean, School of Hospitality, Food Studies and Business

Vancouver Community College

Sally Vinden

Trades Curriculum Teaching & Learning Specialist

Vancouver Island University

Teresa Kisilevich

Associate Dean, Trades & Apprenticeship

Okanagan College

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