180 Degrees of Interaction: The Use of Simulation Technology in Social and Community Services Curriculum (E/SI)

May 4, 2020 | 11:15 - 12:15

Location: 511 ABC
Track: Hacking Education

While the hallmark of polytechnic education is to provide students with applied and experiential learning opportunities within the classroom, the incorporation of simulation technologies into curriculum delivery is often more easily achieved in STEM and health related programs. In this presentation, we explore how simulation technology is used to achieve learning outcomes in social and community service-related curriculums. Using the first 180-degree interfacing FAAC simulator in Canada, The Sim Lab at Humber College, provides students from across the Faculty of Social and Community Services with the opportunity to engage in the practical application of theoretical skills in a safe, inclusive and learner-centered environment. From conflict management simulations for Police Foundations and Criminal Justice Students, to counselling and behavioral assessments for Development Service Worker and Behavioural Science students, the Sim Lab’s ability to develop customized scenarios provides students with unique opportunities to achieve learning outcomes. Testimonials from faculty, and feedback from students, will be presented to highlight how this innovative technology is providing a unique platform for developing career ready citizens.

Session Speakers

Derek Stockley

Senior Dean, Faculty of Social and Community Services

Humber College

Joanna Amirault

Associate Dean, Faculty of Social & Community Services

Humber College

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