Conferences and events have certainly not been spared from the impacts of COVID-19 that can truly be felt everywhere. As such, we have decided to make CICan’s 2021 conference fully virtual which provides an opportunity to welcome a broader community of attendees, including those who might not normally be able to attend an in-person conference.

The theme Changing Narratives reflects how the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced post-secondary institutions to dramatically change the way they operated – from the classroom to the boardroom. Not only has “how” we teach and learn changed, so too has “what” we teach. As the labour market re-invents itself, graduates must have the relevant skills and competencies to contribute to Canada’s prosperity and sustainability.

What to Expect

1500+ delegates

50+ live and recorded sessions and presentations

100+ speakers from Canada and Globally

Comprehensive, easy-to-use virtual platform

Innovative and engaging keynote speakers

Thought Forums on critical issues facing post-secondary education

Virtual exhibits hall ‘Marketplace’ featuring products and services

Opportunity to engage one on one or in small group conversations

Access to Conference recordings post Conference

Conference Streams

The conference is organized into six streams. As colleges and institutes are helping rewrite the future of post-secondary education, sessions will address opportunities and lessons learned for the future as we navigate through the new COVID-19 reality. Indigenous education, diversity and inclusion are also included as cross-cutting topics across the different streams.

Governing Excellence

This stream will include sessions on institutional planning and creating institutional structures that drive change and capitalize on the diverse abilities of faculty, staff, and technology.

Wiring for Student Success

Sessions in this stream will explore how institutions can ensure the success of their students by providing adapted support services as well as a healthy and inclusive learning environment.

Hacking Education

Education must adapt to tackle disruption in the classroom. This stream will explore how colleges and institutes can use innovative teaching and assessment methods to take learning beyond the typical classroom setting.

Driving Innovation

This stream will explore how colleges and institutes can build a culture of innovation on campus and increase the capacity of applied research departments to meet the expanding needs of local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Embodying Sustainability

This stream will explore how colleges and institutes can expand their leadership role to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote sustainability in multiple sectors.

Going Global

This stream will focus on expanding global intelligence and international strategies.